Sunday, November 24, 2013

Way of the land, Way of the hand

It has been a long time since I wrote few words into my journal.
I have done so many thing, yet it feels like its just so little. Traveling across Eorzea searching for ways to learn more about gathering ingredients and crafting arts, feasting on grilled Dodos and running away from all those vicious squirrels.
Some things never change.

I have traveled trough fields, learning where ingredients are and how to gather them. I have traveled to each town, learning crafting and searching for every recipe I could find.
It took long time to learn everything, sure it did. But I was finally able to make both useful and nice clothes and tools.
I started selling a lot and saving my gil in hope to build my own house in the future ^.^

But no matter how much I done until now, I'm still useless on the battlefield >.<

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Hitting the wood

Having learn bit of mining techniques, I returned back to Gridania.
There is no need to rush it after all, learning slowly bit by a bit is more then sufficient.
After all, I'm aspiring to be a cook and an alchemist. Being able to mine ore wont help me all that much. Well, maybe just a little bit.

Speaking of being a cook, what will help me the most is to learn a bit of botany as well. What could be the better way to gather all those yummy ingredients? :3

I made my way to the botanist guild in Old Gridania and spoke to Master of the Guild.
She was a small Lalafell with really nice manners and overexcited about her work as most Masters of all Guilds seems to be. Well, I guess thats what they love the most ^.^

Having received my first hatchet, I made my way trough south gate in the Old Gridania in my search for yummy things :3
I don't know yet how a hatchet can help me here, maybe there are some chocolate trees?

Saturday, August 24, 2013

The Beginning of a New Dawn

I woke up today to the new dawn, it feels like I slept a really long time.
I was in the old gridania inn, such a comfy place as of late.

Today, I wanted to visit new guild to pick up new gathering knowledge.
I decided to pay my first visit to the miners guild at Ul'dah. It may be bit far, but I know my way over there very well.

As I made my way trough The Black Shroud, yummy looking chocobos taunting me at every corner made me remember... it was not such a good idea to skip the breakfast today.
Continuing trough Thanalan slowly getting closer to my destination, Ul'dah, another creature found their way to make me remember of my growling tummy >.<
Those cursed dodo's, finding their way to annoy me... if only they were not so fat, they would make a great snack :(

After a while, I reached the city of Ul'dah. I was walking trough the streets filled with merchants trying to find my way ended up being more difficult then I trough.. once again.
*Why do I always have to get lost in here...?* I thought, trying to suppress the horrors of my last visit to Limsa Lominsa >.<

After bit of wondering around, I found myself in front of Alchemist guild. I had no idea such guild was here in Ul'dah, maybe it is not so bad to get lost sometimes.
I will certainly pay a visit here sometime later, but now is the time to find the miners guild.

It took quite a while, but I finally found the miners guild at the end of long lonely street at the most west side of the Ul'dah.
I have walked in right away wanting to apply to the guild. Master of the guild seemed quite friendly, welcoming me and eager to explain the history of their guild. Quite a difference from certain someone who always want to saw off everyone's hands.

I was sent to try out my new pickaxe and mine some copper ore. I made my way out of Ul'dah trough the east gate as I was told and found some rocks containing the copper ore right away. And not just one, but plenty of them all around the place.
This sure makes it much easier and I was done mining some copper ore after a little while.

I returned to the miners guild to show my spoils as I was asked to.
Master of the Guild looks to be happy with my work and started talking right away about how exciting it is to strike the earth and get the spoils. Sure its handy, but her talk about getting dirty... she may be well known, but must be really clumsy >.<

But I wonder.. how effective a pickaxe would be against those evil vicious squirrels?

Monday, July 8, 2013

Onwards to Limsa

I made my way to the south of squirrel graveyard hoping they wont be back any time soon. I'm probably wrong, am I not? >.<

It didn't took long until I reached very first camp where adventurers meet, the Bannock camp.
This camp sure was build much larger since last time I was here. There are many more people in here than before and yet they those vicious squirrels still managed to sneak past somehow >.<
Hopefully guards here got just bit careless, otherwise it could get really dangerous >.<

As I continued my way to the south towards the central shroud, I seen small lone guy getting swarmed by raptors.
I quickly grabbed my trusty bow and started picking out raptors on his back, few at the same time. But they just kept coming one after another, just like horde of angry bees.
It took long time skipping around, but we beat every last one of them and our little lalafell didn't fell. But I'm sure it must have been the fate ^.^

After a bit of rest, I continued my long way trough forest until reaching the camp Tranquil.
This camp got quite large, they even have their own food.. umm, chocobo stables here.
When I asked about chocobos, they told me I cannot lend one. Do I looks that hungry? Well, maybe I do after such long travel >.<
But that's fine, I forgot to bring my spices with me and just roasting them without proper seasoning does not taste so good.

But this is not time to be idling around and looking for food. Day is short and Thanalan is just ahead.
Reaching the desert, it is pretty much as I remember.. well sand.
Sand all the way to highbridge, sand all the way to Drybone and more sand all past Black Brush.

Walking trough many camps on the way, its clear that they are got much more lively. All camps are larger, distinct and many more people are around.
It sure got lively around the Eorzea ^.^

As I want past Black Brush, I finally seen the Ul'Dah. I may as well stop by few shops and buy some of exquisite Ul'Dah spices. Silly me forgetting them in Gridania, I can't just have bland dinner on my way back.

Leaving the Ul'Dah with my bags full, I made my way northwest until I seen familiar cave entrance. It was indeed the Sunset gate behind which lies the Vesper Bay.

Making my way to the docks I was stopped by small lalafell next to the dock gate asking me to come back later. Later, when I have enough money, but don't know how much >.<
Do I really look so poor? Or they just don't know how much does it cost?
Looks like I wont be to get any further, even trough I wanted to see Limsa's colorful plains full of flowers after such long time :(
Hopefully I will be able to see it some day again, but looks like it will not be today >.<
Without having much of a choise, I decided on returning back home to Gridania.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Meeting my arch nemesis, once again

Having left Archers guild, I made my way to Gridania's southeast gate with a request from some ladybug hater.. why ladybugs?? why me?? >.<

Just as I was told, I seen a lot of ladybugs just outside of the gate. Having a better look at these cute creatures, I dont see how they can be dangerous to anyone. Sure, they got a bit larger, but that just means they have been eating well, right? Or maybe they just got fat? I'm not one I to judge their eating habits after all.
Maybe I should just catch one and bring it to the ladybug hating guy.

But suddenly, shivers goes down my spine as I heard rustling in nearby bush. And then, I seen it, my vicious arch nemesis! Squirrels! They are back to take revenge!
Quickly pulling the string, I shot every one last of them.
Phew, that was close. If only I remember how I used to set them on fire >.<
Gridania is bit safer once again.

Meeting with new Gridania

Leaving the Adventurers guild, I decided to take a look around Gridania. After all, its been a long time since last time I was here.

Walking past my favorite long lost flower bed looking for directions to the Archers guild, I seen a large Aetherite.
I dont quite remember any aetherites here, but it sure can be handy. This one looks even larger then any aetherite I ever seen before.
Do they grow from the rain I wonder? Or they are fed well?
I better not ask, truth may be quite scary >.<

Trying to leave those scary thoughts behind, I took off to the east. If my mind is not playing tricks on me, thats where Archer guild should be.

As i arrived to the Archers guild, I found the familiar place. Unexpectedly, nothing changed in the guild, quite unlike the rest of the Gridania.
Expect one small thing... nobody seems to remember me... I was asked to join the Archers guild again by familiar face. Is it a dejavu? or is it something else? >.<
Having to apply once again, I was asked to prove myself by hunting down few ladybugs and do some target practice.. umm.. ladybugs?? O.o
Someone here must have developed quite a hate towards those cute thingies :(

First look back

I wandered one more trough the world of Eorzea, remembering all those nice moments in the past ^.^

Its been long, really long time since I walked my way trough Gridania. Even my favorite flower bed has withered. I'm sure Chocobos are there to take a blame! I should have know, they were always staring at it >.<

Things sure have changed, for good, my bag is no longer so messy ^.^
But for bad as well.. someone stole my clothes while I was away >.<
It makes it bit difficult to explore like that, but I hope I will be able to do so soon. I still have much to learn ^.^

It may be bit difficult to start again without any friends from the past, but I still have my trusty journal and maybe, just maybe I will be able to continue writing it. Surprising enough, it already have full 77 pages full of my adventures ^.^